Why should today’s Modern generation wear wrist watches?

Wrist Watches were very popular in old golden days to monitor time on a regular basis. However, with the emergence of smartphones, Wrist watches have become just a fashion symbol. However, it still holds a vital position in the market.

Most important is that they are available in different types of designs and models thus making a fashion/style statement is not a problem.

Good reasons to wear Wrist watch are:-

1. Appropriate
Anywhere anytime you want to know the time it is just a flip of the Wrist.

2. Purpose
The unique purpose is to show you the time without depending on the battery, unlike the cell phone.

3. Ease
Serve one single purpose without getting engaged in the other functions, unlike the smartphone. It gives you accurate time at just one glare without distraction.

4. Style
You can match & mismatch with the attire or just make a unique style statement by wearing unique designer watches.

5. Portable
Wristwatches are light and can be managed nicely with other fashion accessories.

Different types of watches available are Analog, Chronograph, Fashion, Large, Luxury, Mechanical, Automatic, Sports, Two tone etc.

Some of the Brands available are Casio, Citizen, Titan, Diesel, Rolex, Tissot, Seiko, Patek Phillipe, Tag Heuer, Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, Hublot, Fossil, Omega, Swiss, Sonata, Fastrack etc.

You may choose according to your pocket and required features.

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