Upcoming driverless car will be open to public in near Future

Soon the market is going to get flooded with Self Driving Vehicles or Driverless cars, also known as robot car, Autonomous car etc. which will never require to take control to safely operate the vehicle.  The vehicle that combines sensors and software is capable to control, navigate and drive sensing its environment and moving with little or no human intervention.

Although currently there are no justifiably operated, fully automated cars however partially automated vehicles varying amount of self-automation from conventional cars with brake and lane assistance to the highly self-driven prototype are available.

You would not be surprised to know that numerous self-driving technology have been developed by Google, Uber, Tesla, Nissan and automobile company along with many other research companies.

Those days are not far when self-driving technology will become progressively public and drastically transform the transportation system as a whole.

Companies in the race to launch Driverless cars are General Motors, Lexus, BMW & Mercedes

Functioning technology behind Self Driven Cars

Most of the self-driving cars create and maintain an internal map of their surroundings using laser beams along with Sensors and high powered cameras. Those inputs are then processed by software by plotting a path, sending instructions to the vehicle Control System which controls acceleration braking and steering.


-Self-driving cars are still largely theoretical which would need to be fully evaluated on the basis the impact on drivers, the economy, environment, and public health and safety.
-Predominately safety would be a great challenge of whether self-driving vehicles could reduce the number of accidents. Will the self-driving cars prove to be less error-prone compared to humans?
-Drivers Job would be at stake as technology driving cars will help mobilize individuals who are unable to drive themselves displacing many out of employment.
-Use of self-driving car will increase as they are less depended on the resource such as drivers. There could be major rise in fuel consumption.  If those vehicles are powered by petrol, diesel and CNG, air pollution would be at the peak wherein if the same vehicle is fitted with the clean electrified grid then pollution due to emission would drop considerably.
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